Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day BLAHH

Welp I did it again this year.....feeling like I got trashed on New Years....haha wonder why? We rang in 2010 with a bang as usual, this was the first year though that the offspring did not celebrate with us. I sit here wondering how they got so big so fast and how they made New Year plans before we did?
I did make some resolutions...did you? You think you'll keep them?
1. Get healthy
2. Stop smoking (I know it goes with #1)
3. Get our finances in order
4. Travel (with or without the hubby)
5. Except what I can not change (I'm neurotic, it might be hard)
6. Get a new camera

Considering we've already broke the bank, I have a hangover and I am puffing on a marlboro as I write this.....I'm thinking traveling without the Hubs, cause he'll be MIA for most of 2010, but with a new camera might be the only kept resolutions..bahaha that's 2 more than I kept last year :)
We had a great Christmas this year and it was prolly one of the most memorable. I got most of everything I asked for minus the camera, either Santa didn't get my ammended letter or thought I've been quite naughty...most likely the later.
I have big plans for the house this year and have already begun the overhaul. We've decided to stay put for the next year, which is something I am beginning to get quite excited about! YAY
I finally got all the green paint out of my hair...which was a task in itself. I have finally come to terms with J wanting to put the computer upstairs, but only after a heated debate of turning the extra bedroom into an office and I won all the decorating rights to the room...I do usually win. teheee
So even if I have to buy a flippin disposable camera and picture cd it, I WILL post pics of the changes. Already the room has gone from a blah beige colored laundry heap to a very chic Swamp Splash freshly vacuumed oasis. I've got some very good ideas for some branch sculpture thingys similar to this.....but bigger and possibly white. So I am hoping everyone's New Year is starting off exactly the way you planned...mine most certainly is, now for some sort of cure for the party last night so that I can be somewhat productive today...see ya soon <3


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