Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Females"....*shakes head*


My home is dominated by males, we watch guy shows, do guy things, and they even voted to keep the toilet seat up since there is only one person in the house (me) that needs it down. So is it any wonder that those that dwell in my house just don't understand the things that plague my gender?

I'm prone to what has been lovingly deemed "Girl Freak-outs" thanks to my guys. One week a month they all walk on egg-shells...they try to be extra loving and overlook that I am not myself. There are sometimes that even question what the hell is wrong with me??? So is it any wonder that when something so teeny is blown up to a catastrophic event that I get the "Females" grin and shake head gesture?

I find myself doing the same this morning... A friend of mine, who is the mother of another scout and one that I have been friends with for a year or so deleted me from her facebook this morning, cause I haven't found enough time for her...I guess it's no love lost.

My only sister whom I used to be thick as thieves with and I have had some bad blood recently, she married my Hubby's best friend a year ago this month, and they too haven't really been speaking...due to the sister feud. We haven't spoken in about 9 months, my brother called me to tell me the big news. Wait till you hear. After my conversation with him I decided to call yesterday to talk to her and tell her I love her guess what she gave birth to my nephew Sunday morning. Last time I had spoken to her she thought she was prego. So I'm a new aunt to Kane Michael who is a healthy 7lb little brother to my niece Bella Rene` who also happens to look just like me and is my namesake. Now what if I hadn't called yesterday? I don't blame her, I'm trying to put myself in her shoes I guess, cause it's not totally her fault. But WOW I guess alot happened in 9 months huh? Alot that I missed out on cause both of us are sooo hardheaded.


Red (my sis) and Me

Bella my minion...I was there when she took her first breath <3

Another good friend of mine has decided to leave her hubby of 14 years and her 5 kids and apparently I get the 6 of them in the divorce and not her. It leaves me to wonder what makes us tick?

I know people change, grow apart and lead different lives. BELIEVE me I understand that aspect. But why is nothing ever small, subtle, or not emotional with our gender? Is it cause we LOVE so deeply? We care so much? Is it cause a blow out is sometimes our only closure that we can't let things gradually change?

I'm not blaming any of my fellow sisters...I can always handle something differently, and hope to get better and better at coping with what life throws my way. Even if it's just horrible P.M.S, running out of pepsi, or having a bad hair day. I guess what I am trying to say is I don't want anymore "Females" shake head kinda moments.


  1. ahhhh, yes....females...the inanswered question of what makes us tick??

    I am the only female in my house too and we also do more "boy things" than "girl things". But I don't mind at all.....my boys are my world and my heart!

    Congrats to your sister!!! You should be so proud of yourself for making the call...you did the right thing....but isn't that what we teach our kids...be the better person, turn the other cheek and don't hold a grudge...you have set the perfect example for them.


  2. I tried to read your posts but... the color of the font is lost on the dark background... love the comics though!

  3. Well, it must have been something pretty damn major for you and your sister to totally quit communicating, and her going through a whole pregnancy without you there, or even aware of it. I hope you're able to patch things up.

    As for your FB friend. How do you even know when someone has dropped you? I think 50 people could un-friend me and it'd probably take me a month or two to realize it!

    Justine :o )
    Btw... there's nothing wrong with your background and font for me.

  4. I feel ya, sister! I'm having the same problem as Dawn. The background artwork of paper and hand using pen is not showing up, so we're getting dark gray type against barnwood background. Anywhoooo... stayed tuned for more headshaking female moments, cuz I'm 'bout to go crazy! lol


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