Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Twitter What?

I don't consider myself  to be behind the times, socially slow or a loser...But am I?
Never mind that I was a band geek, didn't have my first cellphone till I was 22, way over stayed my welcome on Myspace, Play Frontierville on Facebook, never use all my texts for the month,and am still stumbling through the blogsphere trying to figure out the stinking tabs thingy.....I DON'T TWITTER...I know gasp.

Should I? I'm not sure.

On one hand I don't want everyone in the Universe knowing when I pee (I know don't tweet it) It scares me. Am I gonna know when other people pee? I know I have NO idea what it's all about. But like right now while eating my Honey Nut Cheerios would I be expected to post that? Would it consume way more of my life than the other social networks already have? Cause lets face it I'm trolling this crap for hours on end. Would my family feel abandoned with my Twitter obsession like they did during the six months I was addicted to Farmville and then during my recovery...knowing all my crops were withering? I've got an addictive personality people.  Something sparks my attention and daggoneit I go down in flames!

But on the other hand....it's sooo good for promoting blogs (well it would be if I actually wrote something worth reading) So do I follow in all the Greats footsteps and Twitter up a storm? Will I magically attract more readers? Cause lets be real. Every little face that pops up in the google network that actually likes what I'm babbling about is like having your first baby. It just makes you want more. I totally identify with Brangelina ...again ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY.

SO should I, shouldn't I...do you Twitter?

Would you Twitter with me.

I'm on a ledge here people!?
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