Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Bruno and my excuses to be lazy

Morning ALL, well ok afternoon...I swear it was the morning when I started this crap. I got the brite idea yesterday to try and "revamp" my blog...haha. It's left me feeling like a "ruh-tard". SO after 2 days of struggling I said screw-it! But in the blog world I am semi on track with my book challenge. I signed up at Book Chick City and am really enjoying it...check it out!

AND alas I have new pics YAY!  I thought I would show you my reasons for doing much of nothing, and avoiding everything. I think they are darn cute reasons too! Here they are....

This is Paisley's first and probably only litter. That's Pacoon, Bruno, and Louie, couldn't you just eat them?
Lets face it puppies need lots of love and attention, especially when the Hubs is gone and the boys and I don't need a legitimate reason to be lazy. So it's working pretty well for me right now..bahahaha

I'm keeping Bruno, he's my new baby and much to all the males dismay  that occupy my home, he will have super cute lil outfits.

I'm sure you are ignoring my super shiny face and looking only at the adorable 2 pound chihuahua I am holding.
So in effort to get new babies, instead of the whole let's expand the family via humans, we bred the dogs!! And despite all the quarter sized puddles of pee all over my home and constantly having your toes attacked when scrambling through the house....it's HANDS DOWN the best decision I ever made <3

So I bid you good day with one last pic of Baby Bruno to really drive the point home on why I have accomplished nothing, and still have half painted furniture and semi finished projects sitting all over my house. I'm sure you'll understand!

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  1. Just testing to see if this works, I've had a few people tell me they wanted to comment on my baby, but it wasn't working


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