Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Sunday Scramble...a little late


So I'm back...I know you missed me. but it's all good!! And the only reason I am on here at this very moment and not cuddlin with the Hubs <3 is to hook up with Justine's SUNDAY SCRAMBLE! I thought this was such a cute thing she was doing and was secretly  hoping that she would turn it into some kind of link up, so that I didn't have to COPY err umm well copy something else Justine was doing bahaha.

So the hubs is home....sigh.....and sporting a mighty fine tan, which me LOVES. He got in yesterday and picked up the youngest hoodlum and got to have a little Daddy/son time with him....aka play COD and eat junk food till they fell asleep where they sat. Which really doesn't differ too much from Mommy/son that sad?

Last night at the campfire, you remember the oldest and I were in the wilderness this weekend, discussions of WOW and COD (for all you nongamers...World Of War Craft and Call of Duty, are you tracking now?) were flighting about and I was right on point with all the 11-17 year old males....this does make one question your goals in life. Being that I was the envy of all the boys, disturbingly not for hormone raging reasons but the level of my characters...I think I need a new hobby.
Here's what had me mesmorized  all weekend, and it held off the effects of frostbite pretty well too, thank God, cause man it was COLDER than a well diggers hiney, no lie.


Is there any wonder they call it "Ranger T.V."?
So the next camp out is survival camping, with just  a sleeping bag, emergency kit, and 48 hours...hmm think they can count me out! Because must I remind you Saline FREEZES.

Bahahaha remember my to-do list found here ? SO yeah I washed one car then it rained...aww too bad, mopped the kitchen, finished one project then decided I didn't really like the other, bought a new dog bed, gave 2 dogs away so I only had to bathe 3, but didn't do that either and I shaved my legs THIS afternoon. BUT I did vacuum the stairs and swept the fake snow off the windows...and obviously got us ready for camping  all in all pretty productive....Heee heee WHERE was my accountability on that people? :-D

This week a monumental thing happened....I hit the double digits with followers.....I know gasp and Thank you!! I really can't believe there are 13 people that actually CHOOSE to hear the BS I have to say every day. This truly amazes me *teary eyed* I still remember the day I logged on to find one persons face on my little blog...such a giddy feeling <3

So the Hubs must have really missed me, maybe he's feeling a lil lovey dovey right now, but the following conversation is on the record and you guys have to back me up incase he reniggs....I'll fast forward to the good part....
 Him -"So Babe, I'm gonna file taxes tomorrow"
Me- "OK"
Him- "What are you gonna do with your thousand"
Me- "I'm sorry, did you just say MY thousand"?
Him-"Yeah babe I was thnking you could have a grand and do what you want with it"
Me-"What the HELL did you do?"

So yeah at this point I don't care... bahahaha I get some know what I can do with that?

Favorite picture of the week...such a cutie....oh and my son's pretty cute too. bahahaha


SO folks that's it for the Scramble, I'm 3 beers deep, sleep deprived and there is a hotty on the couch hollaring at me, haven't been able to say that for awhile. So either my dog just peed some where or he's had enough of football and we can watch the recorded episodes of FRINGE I have been patiently waiting for. Cause yeah we're THOSE people, less than 24 hours back and he's doing his thing and I'm doing mine...ehh count your blessings, otherwise you wouldn't get to hear my mouth and where would you be?


  1. Where did hubby come home FROM? I have no clue! And thank you for joining the scramble! I think you're getting the hang of it rather quickly, especially if you're doing it while consuming alcohol!

    And heeheeheee... you've got fake boobies! You've got fake booooooooooooobies!

    A grand, huh? So, what ARE you going to do with it?

    Justine :o )

  2. so where has the hubs been hiding at? I love the picture of your are one brave mama...I only camp in the summer months!!!!

    Hope you enjoy your hubby time.....and you money too(just sen dme an email if you need a shopping buddy to help you spent it ) :P

    ...just sayin.....I'm here for ya if you need me!

  3. ....And the answer is?

    What are you going to do with it ?


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