Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last one today..maybe =/

Again I state I am surfing the net and finding and falling in love with sooo many blogs. I believe I have found new heroes (I should probably tell the Hubs not to worry he's still my #1 hero) blah blah blah anyway. I love FREE stuff...who doesn't...anyway give aways and the thought of winning something keeps me on the edge of my seat. So aside from all the excitement dah dah dah I have found a give away that I thing is to die for!!! Karen @ the Bearly There Primitive Bear <-----yes click there for details and to check out her blog chalked full of wonders... is giving away an awesome sifter that is now on the top of my Christmas Wish List...here it is wouldn't you just LOVE Karen for ever if she gave it to me? Run on over to her blog and sign up to TRY and win it...although I must warn you I will be the winner so don't get your hopes up......till next time....haha or a few minutes buahahha

Book Chick City Challenge

I know I have already posted today....so sue me!!! I had to let you know about my very first blog challenge ever. I'm extremely somewhat new to all this but I thought it would be fun!
As I told you earlier I don't feel like cleaning and I am pretty sure my ADD has kicked in today so I got bored with the boxes I was working on and WOW is still down for maintenance..freaking Tuesdays =/ BLAH
So that leaves me to TROLL...umm search the internet for a while.

Anyway to the point. Pretty sure I haven't done this correctly but I joined a reading challenge for 2010 over at Book Chick City's Blog ...go here to get the scoop. YAY I think I just figured that one out hahaha! So if you LOVE to read check it out. I'll post after I've read my selections, or made them, however I decide to do it!

I really need my CAMERA

Hello ALL,
I am truly having fits without a camera!! Darn my youngest and his knack for breaking my electronics and never his own...There are so many pictures I would love to take to show you my Christmas shenanigans...but nonetheless it will not happen.

I had big plans for my lazy Saturday full of MY crafting, but as foreshadowed I ended up cooking for the Hubby's team and only did a few thing I had planned. I did manage to make a few tags and today I am making folded paper gift boxes to compliment them. SOOOO easy and super cute (the boxes anyway, not so much my tags)I tried to find the webpage that I scored the directions from and at least show you a picture of what I am referring to, but no luck, so sorry. But I did find this website and the directions are very similar to the ones I have been using...

click if you wanna see the site
And here is what they look like, just a little more Christmasy and glittery

I wasn't feeling really well yesterday and you know how that goes.....if Momma ain't cleaning ain't nobody cleaning, so it looks like a Copeland Cyclone went through our down stairs, I should really be cleaning instead of posting or crafting...*sigh* the heart wants what the heart wants though. HAHAHA so here's to doing what I wanna do, now if only I had the ingredients to make Mimosas I would be a HAPPY girl on a Crappy Tuesday....till next time

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweats, Crafts & Wildcats!

It's a lovely Saturday morning with nothing on the agenda for today....just the way I like it. The litter of puppies our chihuahua Paisley had finally have their eyes open and are wriggling like little worms....cute worms, but worms nonetheless. The kiddos have commandeered the desktop so I am banished to the laptop..no WOW for me right now.
And the big screen is claimed by some beer drinking Wildcat fans....I'm dressed for the occasion, but not feeling it as of yet. Maybe it the fact that the biggest UK fan in history will be pacing and screaming at the t.v. through the whole game? My hubby's enthusiastic Cats spirit is sometimes too much for me to handle on a lazy weekend in tight quarters...those of you that know him, can completely understand I'm sure...here he is in all his glory...

So what does that leave me to do? Crafting?? I would love to try my hand at some of the awesome Christmas gift tags I've seen on so many other blogs....shall I? Twyla and Lindsey have some great ones over at Twocrazycrafters. Maybe just maybe I can use her tutorial and get some done today :) I also love these, and it's prolly more my speed, I don't have many vintage anything, but I do have an over abundance of scrap booking supplies!

There is also my Christmas quilt that I have been attempting to make for 2 years now...The fabric is very similar to this... .

I scored this from an old neighbor, she didn't know what to do with it and I had leftover fabric from making my niece Bella's quilt....traded like kids on the play ground...LOVE IT!

So we shall see how much I get done today...if anything. I'll probably get suckered into cooking for some basketball fans, but we'll see. I found some really cute ideas for pine cone trees, if I can sweet talk or bribe the boys into collecting me some, it just might happen :) I'll let you know!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Been SOO long

So truth be told I've set here for almost 2 hours now trying to figure out how to configure this dag blasted blog...Myspace, FaceBook, I'm a pro...Blogger...not so much :( It's been quite awhile since I have updated anything, not that I haven't had some things to report, but life got in the way. (So did World of War Craft) We've done alot this summer, J graduated, Ethan's in 5th grade, Izayah's in 3rd, we went to Disney World, Cocoa Beach, Mayfield, Ky and have settled into team life, and didn't move to Germany...sucks I know.

I decided this year I was going to draft a Christmas Letter of sorts to update everyone on where our family is and how we're all doing...well we all know I have the best intentions...haha. At the beginning of the year I started this blog and was really excited, we got busy, Izayah broke my camera for the 2nd time and I sort of lost interest...so sorry. But I'm back now, and think quite possibly it may be one of my New Years Resolutions....that I will try my dangest to keep. o if you can look of my spelling and lack of proper grammar then follow right along...it should be a hoot.

After I get a lil WOW time in I am going to catalog in a sort way by pictures (the ones I have saved to the comp, none new till Santa rectifies the camera issues) the last year...haha wish me luck and we'll see how adventurous I get. Until next time <3

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life as I know it is about to change

WOW...after 2 years lots of absence and an overwhelming work load, life as the Copelands know it it changing. In a HUGE way.

The Q-course is done and we are on to group life *fingers crossed* hopefully quickly cause I can not wait to leave this place. I leave behind so much here, but am welcoming the difference, the "all is a new" and am ready to embrace the HUGE thng coming. The boys say goodbye to yet another school, friends, activities and their 11 house and the room that goes with it. But they can barely contain their excitement, neither can I.

As far as friends go....we've made some keepers :) I think this place is one that the connections I have made here I will truely miss. The gals who understand me whole heartedly and except me for just that...me. I love them! I will once again have another house to decorate, furniture to place, pictures to hang and things to organize. I have done it a million times over...again our 11 home. But this time seems so different, so monumental. And in every sense of the word, it is.

This will be our first taste of group life, our first sense of being something more than military and our first foreign country. I know things are bound to be 180 degrees from what they are here, right? Please? I'm ready for it. We have worked so hard for so long and sacrificed so much, now we get to reap the benefits right?

Germany...here we come!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...


Ok I don't have 17 reasons why I should embark on this wild and crazy thing, it's not that wild...I'm not running away and dying my hair and getting a boob job crazy. But it's something I've never done and want to do pretty badly (this week anyway).
I've got a little under 2 months to prepare and don't know if I'll be ready. No I'm not gonna say what it is, until I am for sure going to do it. It takes training and commitment, we all know I lack a little in those lol, but in the end would be a big accomplishment on a little scale..make sense? Anyway, I recently took on a new responsibility. I will now be watching 2 more children, one goes to pre-k so that would leave me roughly 3 hrs to train while keeping the baby. So I was beginning to doubt if I would be ready or not. Which is questionable, but I was doubting my ability and the fact that with the baby I was wondering how to do it, without buying extra stuff that I won't use again.

Back to the point...after I dropped the kiddos off this morning, on a whim I decided to drive through the neighborhood and see what people were throwing out....YES I am a junker (love it) And low and behold...exactly what I need was right there in the trash! I couldn't believe it! So call it a God moment or whatever you may, but it was total confirmation for me. So this little journey is about to get rockin! RECIA here I come lol!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I started this in reality as a chance, grasp, effort to find myself. To figure out all the things that at some point I knew, realized and loved about myself but in the effort of life forgot. You may ask how exactly does someone forget about herself? Simply put...become a wife and mother. Then the things that defined you and made you who you are slowly slip away. It doesn't happen over night or even intentionally, and unless you are one of the lucky ones who really knew who you were before your journey began it happens none the less.
The past few years have brought about many changes for my family, another state, another base, another move, another life. Our family stands on the brink of my husband's dream and ready for another very welcome, very deserved and possibly one of the best changes ever fathomed by our little clan. As always the lifestyle is what it is, I am excited, but also a little lost in the shuffle so to speak. Again I'm left asking what about me? And knowing that only I can answer that question. I can not hide my pride when it comes to my family and our accomplishments, I know that none of us would be where we are if it were not for the whole. But I look around and wonder if thus far I have done anything about anything that I saw for myself.
But how do you rewind time and go back 10 years to figure out where you saw yourself? When you (yourself) can't even remember your dreams? My hubby constantly encourages me to chase my dreams and I constantly remind him that you can't chase what you don't see.I live a life where I continually rely on myself and other women like myself, but at times we all seem to be stuck in the middle, at the point that we're just waiting till the next move, or deployment, or school to find ourselves. To find the woman that we knew we'd be, the one we all wanted to grow up and become. and wonder if we already are? Are we, Am I, Are you? Have I become all that I WANTED? The wonderful loving wife, the giving adoring mother, the sister and daughter with strained ties, the part-time go getter. Is this what I wanted or is there a shiny star out there waiting for me to take hold and fly with?If I am the woman I was destined to become...I want to know..... How did I miss her entrance and How can I block her exit? Because I HAVE to find HER.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Just my thoughts

This is my first entry in my rants & raves, well not really, I've done a few on other websites, but I guess really I'll clue you in on my thoughts.

A friend of mine that I grew up with is also a blogger. A faithful Blogger. I lost touch with her years ago, I've moved alot, but I stumbled upon her page today. It was mesmerizing. I kid you not I read through every post that she has made in the last 3 years. I couldn't stop reading. It was like an inside track into all the struggles, triumphs and steps of her life since she began blogging. It prompted me, I'm not sure why, to try and do the same.

For the most part my life is "normal". A husband, 2 kids, 3 dogs, American standard, I would assume. I on a daily basis don't face the feats that so many others do, and I am thankful for that, but I face life none the less. So if you are looking for lighthearted witty posts of a Kentucky girl, her enlisted and often deployed hubby, and 2 very creative shenanigan masters known as my boys, then this in essence is the right place. Because this is my life.
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