Monday, January 18, 2010

Making a list Monday


So it's Sunday night, the boys and I have just finished watching Paranormal Activities and eating a meal that I actually cooked for the first time in over a week (chicken noodle soup and grill cheeses is a meal :P )
My monsters are scared shitless and refuse to come up stairs now, and I am thinking it was probably not the best choice of movies when Dad is gone......Oh well no use in crying over spilled milk, and two cuddle buddies won't be so bad tonight, but the 5 dogs might.

I'm making my list tonight because I have every intention of doing something besides staring at the computer screen tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.(hey I'm a realist)  Usually when the Hubs is away my house sparkles..albeit I do everything on a different schedule then usual, but my BIGGEST mess maker isn't here, which helps alot.

The problem this time is I have discovered so many WONDERFUL blogs and all their wonderful creations and my mind is spinning. This past week I have done started so many great things and I have finished quite a few.....but my house is in complete shambles and my children have eaten Banquet dinners or nonsense that they've scavenged  on their own for the better part of the week. So I HAVE GOT TO GET IT TOGETHER!!!
Plus the Hubs comes home and he need not know I'm such a slacker.

I've always been a list kinda gal and think it would do me some good to have some lists that are "set in stone" so to speak that I can't "lose" or put off till tomorrow, or delegate to the kiddos <----that's my fav thing to do (don't judge me)
Here's what I have need will attempt to get done this week.

  • Shampoo the carpets
  • Mop ALL my floors
  • Clean both cars <---Hubs will shit a brick
  • Finish the 2 projects I have left
  • ALL the laundry
  • Mail that damn book for the swap
  •  Organize, Put away my craft stuff
  • Clean the fridge...I swear something waved at me.
  • Hose the fake snow of the windows...ehh there's still a chance of snow
  • Clean and pack the camping gear for the scout camp-out this coming weekend...blahhh
  • Cut out the games for the teacher that I have had for a month while now
  • Bathe all 5 4 dogs
  • Make a new slipcover for the dogs bed
  • Shave my legs
Well there you have it....Come back next Monday to see what rolls over to next weeks to-dos, although I am pretty certain the legs will be shaved by Friday ;0)


What tops your list for this week? You trying to be Super Woman too?


  1. Girl, I haven't shaved my legs since Christmas Eve!!!!
    Wash the cars? Baaaa! That's what car washes are for!
    Okay yeah, clean the fridge. That's just gross. LOL

    Justine :o )

  2. I'm always trying to be Supermom but then reality hits and I realize that'll never happen!

    I'm a list girl too...there's no better feeling than crossing things off your list as you go. It feels like you're actually accomplishing stuff. Except, for some reason, as I'm crossing things off my list, the kids are creating another mess which I then have to add to my list, so it's never ending.

    Did you like Paranormal Activities? I have it on my list at Netflix! We just watched Orphan and it was freaky!

  3. Good for you...lists always help me too...even if i only actually think about what needs to be done!

    I'm new to your blog... soon to be a military wife ( My husband will be a Navy chaplain).

    Thanks for the post...I'm becoming a "follower" of your blog!

  4. Resh, You KNOW the only thing on that list that J is going to even care about is the legs. And even then, he may not care so much! Make E clean and pack the gear, he's the scout, after all!


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