Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last one today..maybe =/

Again I state I am surfing the net and finding and falling in love with sooo many blogs. I believe I have found new heroes (I should probably tell the Hubs not to worry he's still my #1 hero) blah blah blah anyway. I love FREE stuff...who doesn't...anyway give aways and the thought of winning something keeps me on the edge of my seat. So aside from all the excitement dah dah dah I have found a give away that I thing is to die for!!! Karen @ the Bearly There Primitive Bear <-----yes click there for details and to check out her blog chalked full of wonders... is giving away an awesome sifter that is now on the top of my Christmas Wish List...here it is wouldn't you just LOVE Karen for ever if she gave it to me? Run on over to her blog and sign up to TRY and win it...although I must warn you I will be the winner so don't get your hopes up......till next time....haha or a few minutes buahahha

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