Tuesday, January 19, 2010


 So for reasons unknown, be it fates of the Gods or what not, my kiddos and I have had a very uneventful morning (well one puppy got dropped...he's fine) which is totally out of character for us. You see I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! One boy is and one boys isn't, so the one that wakes up singing is my role model for a short period of the day. BUT this morning is different, we all woke up in a "Sound of Music" mood, everything is ready and we have some time to kill.

This post is born as they sit on my oasis  computer room floor and chat with me....see I told you it was unusual, no grunts just convo :) Boy #1 said something about the mom on Family guy and how smarty pants she could be and Boy #2 said something like just like our mom and Mom (me) said something like really how? I want examples.... and boy did they give them to me....hmmm

 I shit you not...these are real things that at some point in the day I found myself saying to my boys. The shocking part...it's all completely normal round here!!

  1. Why do you have puppies in a pillow case?
  2. Is there a reason you did that in the house?
  3. Did you seriously just teabag your brother?
  4. I didn't think you'd know about that till your hormones rage.
  5. Stop taking pictures of your one chest hair, that no one else thinks is there.
  6. Nooo febreeze does not take the place of soap
  7. And how many times did you walk over that pile of poop?
  8. Which Mom said she was gonna call the cops on you?
  9. You have clean underwear so why are you free balling?
  10. Why can't you spray paint things in the woods...that way no one knows it was you.
  11. Give me back my lighter and your Dad's pocket knife, you're supposed to be playing not becoming the next uni-bomber.
  12. AND my prized quip for the day: I really need a girl, so which one of you wants to wear dresses?

Sometimes I fear for my children's  mental stability. And if they end up on Oprah or Jerry Springer, I can say "I saw that coming." What kind of Mother am I? Bahahaha



  1. That is so funny! Stopping by from SITS!

  2. What a life you have. You and your husband are such a cute couple. Happy day today.

  3. How funny! My grandmother actually used to dress my uncle up in dresses when he was a baby b/c she wanted a girl so badly! Luckily she later had 2 girls! I'm stopping by from SITS. Have a great day!

  4. I only have one boy and I tell people that if he had been the first born he would have been an only child. There is a HUGE difference between boys and girls (not just physically!). He is all about DOING stuff. I used to think that people were going to think he was abused because he had so many bruises. But that's what you get when you jump off furniture pretending to be Spiderman!

    Thank you for stopping by my SITS day! I really do appreciate it!

  5. Very funny! I've been known to say some pretty outrages things myself. My daughter told me tonight that she just can't talk to me anymore, because I didn't know what "G" ment. Can't remember now what it means, but it doesn't mean good.. she's almost 13 what can I say....

    I'm having a small giveaway if you would like to enter please stop by.

  6. Did you REALLY say all the things on this list? If so, you and your boys need HELP! Taking a picture of a lone chest hair? HOly shit.

    Justine :o )

  7. SADLY Justine apparently I did...the chest hair thing I am always gripping about...he wants to hit puberty soo bad. There was a few that I don't remember, but the boys swear I did.

  8. you are my new blog crush! how have I lived this long w/o without this kind of awesomeness in my day?


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