Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trying to find a fit


 SOO I know I have changed this layout a  few times, but trying to find one that fits and makes me giddy is so hard!!
It's a lazy Sunday, the boys are out playing GI Joe...go figure and we've done our 30 minute power clean for the day...the house needs more than that, but we live like bachelors when Daddy's gone, complete with frozen dinners :) 
If you guys will bare with me I am trying to find a template that sreams ME. So I am devoting the day to doing just that. I'm not even sure why I am posting this but I guess I am starved for conversations at the moment, that don't include anything to do with "well he did it first" or "I swear I was gonna let him have it"and last but not least "do we have to" plus I wanted to give you the heads up.
Once I find that "magical" look I WILL leave it alone..I swear, promise, ok I'll try.Blame it on my fickle A.D.D. that my parents never had me treated for.

If you have any insite feel free to share. Anyone have any awesome input?

1 comment:

  1. Sure, I have input! Hire someone else to do it! LOL! That's what I did. I used Krizzy Designs. Mucho affordable!

    Justine:o )


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