Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My First Link Up!!

So as of tomorrow I am participating in my first blog party (of sorts) Anyway Lori over @ Life as Lori is hosting what she's calling "Get your Craft On" which I think is very fitting!! As you all know I have begun a computer room take over and since I am the obsessed ummm avid computer user it gets to be my oasis, and I am super siked to use some ideas I've had in my back pocket for awhile. Plus I am hoping to get it done before the Hubby returns sooooo this was just the motivation I was needing to get my lazy, no project finishing, butt in gear!

If after you take a look at my simple yet thrifty project and decide "Hey that looks like fun I wanna join"....just click here....

Get your craft on Thurs.

I am sure Lori would LOVE to have you.

So here goes nothing, I will apologize that I did not do step by step pictures, but lets face it most of us know how to use spray paint and a glue gun and my project is super easy a caveman could do it, so I won't bore you. Plus I am in desperate need of a mani and don't want picture proof of such :)

I went on a little excursion with the Bestie today (no I am not in middle school, please over look the verbage) any whoo It's a few days before pay day so we decided to frequent the base thrift shops...God bless the military, we move so much we always have to get rid of GOOD stuff. I went today with DIY in mind and was looking for a gem of a piece, or well what I could turn into one, and this is what I found.

Alas a pot only a mother could love...but as the pic says it was  $1.50 so if I screw it up ehhh I'll collect some change from under the couch cushions.

I wondered on paint colors etc...then I thought...go with white Resh. The room is bright (as all get out) and this can serve as an understated accent piece...cause duh it's a pot.

Ok so on to the next step....gathering supplies. Pretty easy!! I bought Spanish Moss from the thrift store cause I LOVE it and think you can never have too much moss and because it was again a $1 something and I figured I could use it somewhere. On to Wally world for spray paint, which I am pretty sure I had, but with my deliquents you never know who decided to "tag" the trach cans or government sidewalks..which by the way is gonna cost us BIG. Oh and I needed something to put IN the pot. So I found some leafy spikes..which you will see later, because I forgot to photograph them :( Sorry
4. Spanish Moss
5. Handy Dandy Glue Gun

This was soo super easy and cheap! So for a little under 6 bucks I got a fabulous arrangement that I LOVE. I probably could have bought one on clearance, broken, and the wrong colors for a few dollars more, but then I wouldn't have been able to blog about it now would I?

So here she is in all her Glory

SO what'yas think?
p.s I made the green and white pillow out of an old purse and it's more or less my inspiration for the room. The yellow one was $1.50 at the thrift store and I am hoping to sew some sequins on it and some how use it in the room I have a vision for and hope to bring to life!


Well I figured since I am in the PARTYING mood and might as well jump in feet Lori was so wonderful and tipped me off to a few more parties!!

So I've added buttons for all my links this Thursday!

Steph over at Somewhat Simple  is hosting Strut Your Stuff Thursday


Since my arrangement was such a thrifty transformation I figured I would link up with Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage for  Transformation Thursdays!! Check her out..

The Shabby Chic Cottage


Till we meet again I've got more to DIY!


  1. Yea you joined my party!!! i thought i would be the only one here!!! It's my 1st party..

    That is amazing... Don't you just love love love spray paint?? I know I do.. The pillows are to die for..

  2. Thanks so much Lori....I'm down for a party anytime! I stsyed up last night watching my shows and waiting for your linky and decided to add a lil sparkle to the yellow to come :) Thanks again for hosting!

  3. Hi there - Lori's sis here! Super cute arrangement - love it and you can't beat the price! And the "pillow purse" - absolutely fab - who knew? I can't sew a stich - at all!

    Welcome to your first blogger party and to blogland - it's a blast out here - great finds thrifting - I'm never that lucky!

    Have a good one -

  4. Good job. Don't you love it when things work out like this. I love finding stuff at the thrift store and make it into something else that fits! Great p ost.


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