Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's been a SCRAMBLED kinda Week.


It's the SUNDAY SCRAMBLE with Justine and I have waited all week!!!! This week has been insane..kinda, sorta?!

I got a call a little while ago from the Hubs that sent me into overdrive! He's on his way home, "WHAT NOW?" Yeah I wonder what was running through his mind when I said that...hahaha. So I woke the 5 boys up that were strategically placed ALL over my living room and BARKED "Dad's on his way home...clean up your bachelor party gone wrong mess and clean up NOW" followed by "Do as much as you can Mommy's gotta go blog" PRIORITIES....He wasn't supposed to be home yet, so if it's a mess it's his fault and Uncle Sam's after all they robbed me of getting to see the new Denzel Movie for Friday night date night....f#$&ers!

I'm so Saturday nights aren't even cool anymore. I used to relish the weekends and play WOW on Saturday's even lost it's luster...what the hell is wrong with me? Last night I watched back to back basketball games...UK then KU...I hate KU but I had to watch just to see if The Cats could hold their #1 ranking....seriously totally not me, especially by myself, well plus beer.
But before the game my girlfriend and I sat on the phone surfing the net for boudoir and pin up photographers...till her husband got home and most likely wondered what in God's name she was upto. I can imagine that conversation :)


But we were productive she is all knowing and that's one of the reasons I LOVE her. With her expertise I believe I have founded the camera that I will spend some of my tax cut on!! YAY

Oh speaking of the new found generosity of the Hubby and my part of the taxes. The MYSTERY has been solved!!!! His gov't travel card bill came in...ohh he's an ASSHAT. $800 worth of charges in 2 weeks...Seriously what strippers car note did you pay for the month? No wonder he was like Baby take a thousand and spend it on YOU, nothing for the house, or the HMMM

ON to stripperific...I'm not knocking it I would totally do it to feed my kids..and I LOVE glitter. But if you are do not want to date a lonely cheating housewife...So if you are reading this...I am a lonely housewife and I am not into other housewives...geez. Now if you can find me a lonely househusband HOLLAR at your girl...***I do not condone infidelity, I entertain the thought. I AM JUST PLAYING PEOPLE!!

Damn I'm full of sprite and vinegar this morning. Muhahahaha

Have you been following the Xgames? See told you I'm a lameo or the testosterone has finally fried my brain..But I am now in love with Kelly Clark and I want to be just like her when I grow up. I'm gonna learn to snowboard right after the guitar lessons that I haven't told the Hubs he has to pay for.
Isn't she AWESOME? Even though Beiler beat her. Kelly you still have my heart :)


That's like 2000 ft of air

I'm getting hungry so I'm gonna have to wrap this up...and Mickey D's just showed their commercial for the Mac Snack Wrap...have you tried it yet...I had 3 this week I think I've found a lover. It's all the goodness and artery clogging of the Big Mac but without the overzealous BUNS...what's not too LOVE hun?

Also Miss Justine are we supposed to be using your super cute breakfast face or should we find our own sausage? teehheee

Till next Sunday `when you get to see my scrambled brain cells my loves..
I'll be cleaning up pee, cooking for the masses and refing boxing matches <3


  1. Holy crap, you really were scrambled this week and I love it! So, why did hubby come home unexpectedly? WHY were you looking at pin-ups? And what camera are you getting? Eeks, you know I need details!

    You really do need to hang around with more chicks, girl. If not, you'll soon grow a dick.

    Justine :o )

  2. The hubs....job thing didn't take as long as they he's on the way home with promises to take me to see my movie husband later.
    I'm looking at pictures cause after I fake and bake I'm gonna take some pinups for the Hubs birthday. And I am almost certain I have decided on the Canon PowerShot XS20...bah my comment is as scrambled as my post.

    I think I'm gonna need estrogen shots soon

  3. Good thing that all knowing friend doesn't make you shake your head in disbelief at the girl stuff! bwahahaha

  4. wow girl my head is spinnin from all that information.

    So lovin the pin up idea for the hubs!!!! What a great idea.

  5. You'll love the Cannon PowerShot SX20.

  6. Good luck with your photos. I hope everything goes fabulous.

    Welcome to SITS!


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