Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweats, Crafts & Wildcats!

It's a lovely Saturday morning with nothing on the agenda for today....just the way I like it. The litter of puppies our chihuahua Paisley had finally have their eyes open and are wriggling like little worms....cute worms, but worms nonetheless. The kiddos have commandeered the desktop so I am banished to the WOW for me right now.
And the big screen is claimed by some beer drinking Wildcat fans....I'm dressed for the occasion, but not feeling it as of yet. Maybe it the fact that the biggest UK fan in history will be pacing and screaming at the t.v. through the whole game? My hubby's enthusiastic Cats spirit is sometimes too much for me to handle on a lazy weekend in tight quarters...those of you that know him, can completely understand I'm he is in all his glory...

So what does that leave me to do? Crafting?? I would love to try my hand at some of the awesome Christmas gift tags I've seen on so many other blogs....shall I? Twyla and Lindsey have some great ones over at Twocrazycrafters. Maybe just maybe I can use her tutorial and get some done today :) I also love these, and it's prolly more my speed, I don't have many vintage anything, but I do have an over abundance of scrap booking supplies!

There is also my Christmas quilt that I have been attempting to make for 2 years now...The fabric is very similar to this... .

I scored this from an old neighbor, she didn't know what to do with it and I had leftover fabric from making my niece Bella's quilt....traded like kids on the play ground...LOVE IT!

So we shall see how much I get done today...if anything. I'll probably get suckered into cooking for some basketball fans, but we'll see. I found some really cute ideas for pine cone trees, if I can sweet talk or bribe the boys into collecting me some, it just might happen :) I'll let you know!

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