Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I really need my CAMERA

Hello ALL,
I am truly having fits without a camera!! Darn my youngest and his knack for breaking my electronics and never his own...There are so many pictures I would love to take to show you my Christmas shenanigans...but nonetheless it will not happen.

I had big plans for my lazy Saturday full of MY crafting, but as foreshadowed I ended up cooking for the Hubby's team and only did a few thing I had planned. I did manage to make a few tags and today I am making folded paper gift boxes to compliment them. SOOOO easy and super cute (the boxes anyway, not so much my tags)I tried to find the webpage that I scored the directions from and at least show you a picture of what I am referring to, but no luck, so sorry. But I did find this website and the directions are very similar to the ones I have been using...

click if you wanna see the site
And here is what they look like, just a little more Christmasy and glittery

I wasn't feeling really well yesterday and you know how that goes.....if Momma ain't cleaning ain't nobody cleaning, so it looks like a Copeland Cyclone went through our down stairs, I should really be cleaning instead of posting or crafting...*sigh* the heart wants what the heart wants though. HAHAHA so here's to doing what I wanna do, now if only I had the ingredients to make Mimosas I would be a HAPPY girl on a Crappy Tuesday....till next time


  1. See? I came by!!!! Hi! Okay, seriously, you need to get a new damn camera... you just have to! SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Justine :o )

  2. Forgot to ask. Is your name Resh or Rene? Or both? Also, what kind of things are you interested in, blog-wise. I could probably find you some good ones to read if I know what you like. I read so many different kinds!

    Justine :o )

  3. Hey Justine....it's both, it's the short or altered version of my first name (Recia) + my middle (Rene`)= Resh Rene, I go by Resh most of the time...As far as blogs I love the cooking, crafting, and shenanigan kins LOL!


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