Friday, February 20, 2009

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...


Ok I don't have 17 reasons why I should embark on this wild and crazy thing, it's not that wild...I'm not running away and dying my hair and getting a boob job crazy. But it's something I've never done and want to do pretty badly (this week anyway).
I've got a little under 2 months to prepare and don't know if I'll be ready. No I'm not gonna say what it is, until I am for sure going to do it. It takes training and commitment, we all know I lack a little in those lol, but in the end would be a big accomplishment on a little scale..make sense? Anyway, I recently took on a new responsibility. I will now be watching 2 more children, one goes to pre-k so that would leave me roughly 3 hrs to train while keeping the baby. So I was beginning to doubt if I would be ready or not. Which is questionable, but I was doubting my ability and the fact that with the baby I was wondering how to do it, without buying extra stuff that I won't use again.

Back to the point...after I dropped the kiddos off this morning, on a whim I decided to drive through the neighborhood and see what people were throwing out....YES I am a junker (love it) And low and behold...exactly what I need was right there in the trash! I couldn't believe it! So call it a God moment or whatever you may, but it was total confirmation for me. So this little journey is about to get rockin! RECIA here I come lol!

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