Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life as I know it is about to change

WOW...after 2 years lots of absence and an overwhelming work load, life as the Copelands know it it changing. In a HUGE way.

The Q-course is done and we are on to group life *fingers crossed* hopefully quickly cause I can not wait to leave this place. I leave behind so much here, but am welcoming the difference, the "all is a new" and am ready to embrace the HUGE thng coming. The boys say goodbye to yet another school, friends, activities and their 11 house and the room that goes with it. But they can barely contain their excitement, neither can I.

As far as friends go....we've made some keepers :) I think this place is one that the connections I have made here I will truely miss. The gals who understand me whole heartedly and except me for just I love them! I will once again have another house to decorate, furniture to place, pictures to hang and things to organize. I have done it a million times over...again our 11 home. But this time seems so different, so monumental. And in every sense of the word, it is.

This will be our first taste of group life, our first sense of being something more than military and our first foreign country. I know things are bound to be 180 degrees from what they are here, right? Please? I'm ready for it. We have worked so hard for so long and sacrificed so much, now we get to reap the benefits right? we come!

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