Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding Grace

It's that time again, not quite sure if I'm tired of hearing about it, reveling in the thought of it, or just plain glad it's said, done and over with....Back to School. Today is the boys' second day back, this year it's new schools and un-chartered territory for us....somewhat inner-city schools on top of middle school. So it's been an emotional few days. On my part anyway =}
 I believe that Shanna, a contributor over at Don't Call Me Edith!, wrapped it up pretty well in her post about the expectations of the summer and the relief of parents at this time of year. I whole heartedly agree with her, and no matter how you view sending your kiddos off during the days to some one else you have to ponder the lessons of as Shanna calls it "yesteryears".
 And a pondering I did do. In just the two days of having my days back to being "mine" (although being a Mommy nothing is ever FULLY "mine" again) I've had the chance to breath and actually miss my children. As I've gone through the house picking up wayward socks, straightening haphazardly made beds, refolding clean laundry, and wiping toilet seats,without anyone to gripe at and insist that they redo the above mentioned chores I've reflected. Reflected on the so called nagging, and the molding of my mini-men. And I've wondered where did all the grace go?
You know Grace? Mercy? Cutting someone some Slack ?Websters dictionary defines it as:
n.1.The exercise of love, kindness, mercy, favor; disposition to benefit or serve another; favor bestowed orprivilege conferred.
So it makes me wonder. When they were little I showed the boys Grace over accidents, spilled milk, spats, broken toys, and all the other things that make up life with toddlers. But how much Grace do I show them now? All the forgotten chores, hidden messes, fights & bickering and all the other things that make up life with little people. Somewhere somehow am I missing the mark?
As much as all the responsibility molds and makes our children who they are so do the unspoken acts of Kindness, Mercy and  Grace. Do I show them as much as I could or am I busy with all the fifty million-thousand other things I have to accomplish? Over the summer I've become extremely quick to snap, grumble, yell, scold, and shew away...cause Mommy's BUSY!

But it seems to me that children naturally grasp the concept of grace and mercy, it's after years of being shown none or very little that they themselves adopt most adults attitudes on the subject. They naturally forgive, forget, and move on. They don't dwell on the shirts you forget to wash, the cookies you didn't get time to make, or the books you can't find the time to read them. They cut you slack and show you Grace and continue loving you. I'd like to learn from them.
That's what I hope to do, to show my boys what Grace really is. I've spent years looking for it and working for it, when all I really had to do was start exercising it. Because now I do know, to GET Grace, you've got to GIVE Grace. And I think a journey to Grace is a trip worth taking, one that allows you and all those around you to blossom and be the people they were meant to be.


  1. ok, so yet again here I am crying like a baby. Love you Resh!

  2. Awesome Awesome post - and I most whole heartedly agree. There has to be a mixture of boundaries, grace, discipline, love, and fun. We are teaching them how to live life - and we get through life with a TON of grace, so it should be natural that we give it to our children!

    Thanks for sharing! =]
    [stopping by from SITS]

  3. I say we take a trip to Graceland. :) You know I fell from Grace last night when I blew my top. I'll join you on your journey.

  4. A really thought provoking post. And I completely agree that it's a journey....

    Thanks for encouraging me to GIVE more grace.... I've been given so much myself!

    Thanks for stopping by to visit... I took the summer off from "blogland" but am glad to be back! Excited to follow your adventures!

  5. I am so excited to see you back!!!! I have missed ya!!!!

    Great post and really makes me think. I have been really down since last night. I kinda lost my top with my son last night and I am not proud of the way I acted, the things I said and most of what I did. It was really one of "Mommy Fail" moments!


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